Sunday, August 29, 2010

Project Development

Alright, hye it has been long time I do not post anything here.. well what's going on.. I sure you want to know.. let me tell you by point.

1) I have found the carrier operating switch (COS) at the IC 2200h based on the video I will post it later.
2) The PTT switch which near the microphone socket
3) Audio input (For transmitter) of course it is just take from Microphone input on the PTT panel.
4)Audio output, from the receiver this maybe I'll develop it and amplify by LM386 ic component.

There are a lot maybe.. but it just begun
I intend to do all Project Development when I get home for RAYA celebrations 2010..
hmm.. see u next..

Thursday, August 5, 2010


hmmm.. i just wait my icom 2200H that i ordered three days ago come to me. I hope I'll have it at least next week so i can proceed with my experimental.
I have read a lot of article since yesterday regarding repeater project.. of course we need to find out the discriminator/carrier operational switch(COS)  inside the radio receiver then we can built a radio repeater.. THIS IS THE CHALLENGING.....

Inside view of IC2200H

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Radio Repeater Project

Hye everybody, yesterday I went to Pak Rahim's base station at Parit Buntar Perak. who is he?
he is an amateur radio operator with class A callsign 9M2RR, I consider his as the experience person exspecially in Radio technical. He is specialist in VHF radio repeater homebrew project... here are some pictures I want to share with all of you during my third visit there.. hahaha..
when I just arrived I saw he was doing his work.  A vhf linking repeater

With the circuit diagram sketch on the white board
He did his work systematically.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Final Year Project 1

this is maybe our circuit diagram
we are not really understand about this circuit..